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Our Story

Driven by passion and commitment to our cause, we are excited for the future, and hope you will join us on this journey.


Founded by Mark Desa and Courtney Ng in 2019, Hope for Ataxia (HFA) is a federally incorporated non-profit organization based in Canada, and our mission is to make a meaningful and positive impact in the rare diseases narrative by supporting those in the Ataxia community globally.

How Do We Do It?

Some of the previous and current work we do includes:

  • Hosting virtual support groups on a regular basis for anyone in the Ataxia community
  • Previously hosted awareness and fundraising campaigns partnering with Ataxia charities
  • Produce merchandise for purchase where proceeds go back to the organization
  • Previously profiled individuals in the Ataxia community through Faces of Ataxia

What now?

Our focus is providing emotional support for those in the Ataxia community through our support groups. We are not practitioners or experts, rather, individuals with lived experience who are open to sharing our stories.


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