Online Community

We use social media to connect and engage with people in the Ataxia community.

hfa community

We have a vibrant Facebook group with Ataxians, family/relatives, and caregivers.

facebook page

Join us on our Facebook page for the latest updates on what we’re doing.

instagram page

We just started and we’re excited! If you’re active on IG, click here to start following us.

  • “A great place to find inspiration and support for the ataxia community. Very compassionate members. You will never be judged here for your limitations.”

    Raulito, SCA10
  • “I come here when I’m feeling down. It helps. almost daily now.”

    Shawn, Cerebellar Ataxia
  • “This page is amazing. It creates a community to help those who have Ataxia and those who love them. Providing resources, support, and advocating for awareness are just some of the ways this page helps.”

    Lila, Caregiver
  • “I enjoy reading people’s stories and watching any videos that are posted.”

    Jenny, AOA2
  • “Excellent community support for all Ataxians!”

    Krystal, Acquired Ataxia

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