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In November 2020, Nate Emberson joined the Hope for Ataxia team as an IT Manager, leveraging his technical problem-solving skills to create a technical foundation for future growth.

The work that Nate Emberson does will allow the team to focus on forming meaningful connections with others while spending less time on infrastructure.

As a subject matter expert, Nate is a great resource and helps HFA reduce friction for the community by improving the experience and speed of the webpage. 

Nate was initially attracted to the cause because he has a friend with Ataxia and saw his involvement as an opportunity to positively impact people’s lives by fostering growth in a community, and he finds the work rewarding because it grows positive interactions in the world.  One of Hope for Ataxia’s strengths is connecting people, and the networks formed are valuable because it provides emotional and informational support to people in need.  When he participated in the Global Ataxia Support Group, he really felt a sense of community shared between people with the same lived experience, trying to help each other.  If the rest of the world could be more like this community, it would be that much better.    

Soon, he hopes the team can start helping others in new languages and places, while spreading good information and awareness of Ataxia, and over time, create a self-sustaining community that supports people all around the world and make life better for every Ataxian.  In his words,  

Technology is one of the driving forces of today, but it is just a tool that has been shaped by large companies. Small communities can take it into their hands and do more good than those large companies could ever promise. It just takes people with a drive, no matter what it is. There are always more people like you out there, now is the first time in human history we have the tools to find them and connect. Making connections is how we push back against the evil in our world.” 

Throughout his involvement, he is supported by his wife and close family who help him prioritize HFA and keep him focused on the important part of life – people. 

Thank you to Nate for sharing your insights and joining our team! 

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